What did Carterefe say about the Headies Awards 2023 not nominating ‘Machala’?

What did Carterefe say about the Headies Awards 2023 not nominating 'Machala'?

Popular skit maker Carterefe has reacted to the song Machala not receiving a nomination from the organizers of the Headies Awards 2023.

Following the official announcement of the nominees for the 16th edition of the Headies Awards on July 12, 2023, popular skit maker Carterefe, who is one half of the duo that released the viral song Machala, expressed his disappointment with the organizers of the award show. On Thursday, July 13, 2023, he took to his social media platform to voice his opinion, stating that the song deserved at least a nomination.

In his Instagram Live session, Carterefe’s comments caught the attention of more than 4000 viewers who had differing views on his claims. While some agreed that Machala deserved recognition, others noted that it wasn’t the only project that was overlooked for a Headies award nomination.

It is not unusual for award shows to face criticism and backlash for their choice of nominees and winners. The Headies Awards, a well-known music award show in Nigeria, often sparks conversations and debates among fans and within the music industry. The process of selecting nominees can be subjective and take into account multiple factors such as commercial success, critical acclaim, popularity, and industry influence.

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