Victor Thompson releases new album ‘Blessed’

Following the monumental success achieved with his gospel anthem, This Year (Blessings), gifted singer-songwriter, Victor Thompson has treated the world to an immersive experience with the release of his latest album, aptly titled, Blessed. The trajectory of Victor Thompson’s year has been nothing short of miraculous, catapulting him to newfound heights of success and establishing him as a popular act in the music scene.

The nucleus of this exceptional journey is undoubtedly the smash hit record, This Year (Blessings), a gospel sensation that transcended borders with its universal message of hope and gratitude. The success of this track reached such heights that it even warranted a remix featuring the acclaimed American rapper, Gunna, adding an international flair to an already stellar composition.

Blessed, the new album by Victor Thompson, serves as an extension of the musical brilliance encapsulated in This Year (Blessings). This expansive collection consists of eighteen tracks, each contributing to a narrative of gratitude, resilience, and the overarching theme of blessings.

Anchoring the album are various versions of the smash hit, This Year, each offering a unique interpretation and arrangement that adds depth and dimension to the overall listening experience. The inclusion of different versions invites listeners to explore its multifaceted charm.

To further enrich the album, Blessed, Victor Thompson has collaborated with a roster of talented artists. The guest features on the album include acts such as Greatman Takit, Ehis ‘D’ Greatest, and the internationally acclaimed Gunna.

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