Joeboy renders new EP ‘Body, Soul & Spirit’

Following the immersive journey that listeners embarked upon with Joeboy’s sophomore album, Body & Soul, the artist extends and deepens this experience with the release of a brand new EP similarly titled, Body, Soul & Spirit.

The EP exhibits Joeboy’s continued exploration of musical expression, and stands as an impressive collection of five solo tracks that delve into the artist’s multifaceted creative abilities.

Body, Soul & Spirit EP includes the previously released track Only Gold Can Save Me, strategically chosen as the lead single for the project, serving as an enticing invitation for fans to delve into the work he has meticulously crafted.

As with his previous works, Joeboy’s dedication to creating soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics remains a hallmark of Body, Soul & Spirit.

Known for his portrayal as a lover boy through his music, Joeboy continues to embrace this persona in the EP. His songs have consistently testified to his romantic inclinations, and this collection is no exception. However, Body, Soul & Spirit also unveils a more introspective side of Joeboy. Tracks like Only God Can Save Me, Enemy, and 24/7 delve into his personal narrative, providing listeners with a glimpse into the artist’s self-reflection.

The production of the EP is a collaborative effort, with Joeboy enlisting the talents of producers Debo, Culture, and BeatsByKO. Their contributions bring a diverse range of musical elements, enhancing the overall sonic landscape of the EP. The synergy between Joeboy and these producers adds depth and richness to each track, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

Listen to Body, Soul & Spirit EP here.

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