EP: Mavin Records’ Lifesize Teddy drops new EP ‘POISN’

Mavin Records’ latest signee, Lifesize Teddy has swiftly unveiled her brand new EP, aptly titled POISN. The new release comes merely three months after her introduction to the music scene with the debut eponymous EP.

Lifesize Teddy, emerging as a force in the Nigerian music industry, demonstrates her artistic prowess once again with the rapid follow-up of her sophomore EP. The choice of the title, POISN, is a deliberate nod to her self-ascribed moniker “Poison Baby,” a moniker she has proudly worn since her debut. This EP, just like her debut, once again exhibits her distinctive musical identity.

POISN EP is an impressive collection of five tracks, each crafted with precision. Lifesize Teddy continues to impress her audience with her unique sound and compelling lyrics. The EP also features noteworthy guest appearances from Chocobantis and her label mate, Magixx, adding an extra layer of brilliance to the project.

The production of the POISN EP is a collaborative effort featuring the talents of renowned producers such as Sevn, Sparrq, Papi Gunzo, Shakez Baba, and Andre Vibez. Their collective contributions enhance the sonic landscape of the EP, creating a rich and immersive listening experience for listeners.

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