At Harvesters International Christian Centre, Pastor Bolaji Idowu’s decision to invite the emerging artist Spyro to perform at the church has triggered a wave of criticism.

During a recent church service, the 42-year-old lead pastor stirred controversy as Spyro sang his popular secular track “Fine Girl,” accompanied by dancing with a woman while delivering the song’s lyrics.

This move has ignited backlash, with some individuals asserting that such secular musical performances have no place within the confines of a church.

Concerns have been raised about what is perceived as a decline in the standards of Christianity, with claims that the faith is starting to embrace practices that contradict its fundamental principles.


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Meanwhile, in a recent tweet, the singer has denounced the criticisms saying he has been a member of the church for couple of years now and the video that is trending is only a part of a drama he was part of in church.


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